Welcome to the celebration of winners!

We are delighted to celebrate the achievements of our fantastic community members who have participated the yearly Christmas Competitions. With an abundance of creativity, enthusiasm and hard work we have seen so many incredible projects that embody the real spirit of the holidays.

Congratulations to everyone!
Your hard-earned successes inspire us all with bright optimism for the world of baking!
Keep up doing what you love, and enjoy browsing through the winning desserts!

Christmas Competition Winners


12 Talented Bakers and 1349 Votes later…

We had some truly unique submissions this year and here are the bakers who came on top with their x-mas creations!

Thank you to all of the bakers who participated,
and a special thank you to all of the voters for supporting your favorite bakers
and helping to make this competition a success. 

bea.pastry - 1st Place 🥇

In first place @bea.pastry with her cute Xmas tray cake featuring our HOHOHO - Embosser. Bea has consistently showcased her baking skills by participating in our annual competition for the past three years. In the previous two years, she has taken home the third and second place prizes, respectively. This year, she has truly outdone herself by winning the first place prize. We are thrilled to see her dedication and improvement each year!

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cakesbygiuls - 2nd Place 🥈

In second place, we have @cakesbygiuls, with her creative hot cocoa mug in snowy print that sure sparks the holiday joy! Also featuring our SNOW STAR - Cookie Stencil

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alina_miroo - 3rd Place 🥉

In third place, we have @alina_miroo, whose adorable kawaii design is completed with cute ornaments and a snowy pedestal. Featuring our SNOW STAR - Cookie Stencil

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anni_s_ - 1st Place 🥇

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bea.pastry - 2nd Place 🥈

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d_u_l_s_ - 3rd Place 🥉

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carlotta_cakeaway - 1st Place 🥇

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giuliacacciarelli85 - 2nd Place 🥈

bea.pastry - 3rd Place 🥉

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