About us

At Zoi&Co, cake decorating is all about having fun and creating something special! We're a family of three siblings - Nahomi, Sandra, and Carlos - with a passion for design, lettering, and, of course, CAKE.

Our journey started in Venezuela, but we brought the party to Austria and have been handcrafting high-quality cake toppers and decorating supplies from our studio since 2018.

We're all about spreading joy and making your special celebrations even sweeter.


-Founder, Product Developer, Content Creator, Customer Service & Social Media-

Nahomi is our founder, product developer, and all-around cake enthusiast. Nahomi is the creative force behind Zoi&Co, bringing cake decorating supplies to life with her passion for design and baking. She's the go-to person for customer service and social media, always making sure everyone is happy.

Zoila Nahomi - Founder of Zoi&Co

-Public Relations, Accounting-

Sandra is the glue that holds Zoi&Co together, making sure everything runs smoothly with her skills in public relations and accounting. She's always there to help and keep the team motivated.

-Visual Merchandiser, Web Designer, Content Editor & Studio Clown-

Carlos is the digital mastermind at Zoi&Co, responsible for the website and content that showcases the company's products. He's also the studio clown, bringing humor and lightheartedness to everything he does.

-Deliveries, Cuddles & Uncomfortable Staring-

The most important team member, our studio mascot and resident delivery pupper. She's in charge of cuddles and making sure everyone is in good spirits.