Our story

Hello!! We are Nahomi, Sandra and Carlos, three siblings with a passion for design, lettering and of course CAKE!

After leaving our homeland, Venezuela, we decided to bring the party to Austria and dig into the handcrafting world. From our small studio, we design and handcraft high-quality toppers, cake decorating supplies and party decorations. ​

Zoi&Co has been around since 2018. We take great pride in our products and genuinely enjoy being part of special celebrations. Also, with every purchase you make, a little dance of happiness takes place at our studio, so … thank you for keeping us fit!


-Founder, Product Developer, Content Creator, Customer Service & Social Media-

Loves design, cake and colors. With a passion for baking, Nahomi has been making everyone fat since 2010. Because she can spend hours looking at cake "stuff" Nahomi is responsible for all the cake love at Zoi&Co.


-Public Relations, Accounting-

She is not only good with people but also with numbers. She is in charge of keeping Nahomi’s project costs at bay, the one who tightens the nuts on the internal and external teams and keeps everybody sane. She is always willing to help and contribute with our studio vibe (although jokes have to be explained to her most of the time).


-Visual Merchandiser, Web Designer, Content Editor & Studio Clown-

Loves design, graphics and fashion way too much!. Carlos is responsible for our website, with surprising ease is able to create just about anything, he edits photos, captions and more... This guy is the one who makes our digital presence rock! His superpower: to joke about almost anything.


-Deliveries, Cuddles & Uncomfortable Staring-

Luna is a sweet Mini Poodle with sausage dog proportions. She is responsible for delivering kisses to the team –She is a master licker- and takes care of the “Studio Mood”. Also, she leads daily staring contests when in need for attention.