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Your passion is baking and you love to share your tastes and experiences with the world? 

Then join us and let everyone know about all the cool products they are missing out on while growing your personal brand.

We are passionate about offering high quality products for baking & party planning and are looking for people who share our vision.


Why become an affiliate?

It is free and easy to join us! plus no experience is required. You get to be your own boss, work your own hours and continue creating the content you and your audience loves and for which you are known, while sharing only the products you love and really believe in. 

Receive commissions on every sale you make while keeping your audience informed and engaged by talking and sharing all about the decorations, tools and products related to the baking world! 

Expand your horizons!

Working with us is working on growing your personal brand! We want you to keep on having new experiences. While you and your audience learn about new tools and products to take cakes and parties to the next level!

Keep doing what you're doing,
just add profits to it!

To start working on our program, you don't have to make any investment, simply select from a diverse array of products the ones that match your interests and abilities and earn money from it. You sell what you want  as no one is pushing you into products you do not believe in.