The Secret Behind Ingredient Labels

Titanium Dioxide powder

Why should you always check the ingredients on your sprinkles?

Most sprinkle brands use Titanium dioxide (E171) and azo dyes. When it comes to sprinkles, most people think they are just harmless little decorations that add a bit of fun to cakes and cupcakes. However, what many people don’t know is that the sprinkles they are using may contain harmful chemicals which can be bad for their health.


Titanium Dioxide (E171)

One of the main ingredients in many brands of sprinkles, as mentioned before, is Titanium Dioxide (E171), a white pigment that is used to make things look brighter and whiter. While this ingredient is generally considered safe, it has been linked with some health concerns. For example, studies have shown that titanium dioxide can cause inflammation and DNA damage when inhaled, and may also be carcinogenic.


Azo Dyes 

Another common ingredient in sprinkles is azo dyes, which are used to give them their bright colors. These dyes have been linked with a range of health problems, including cancer, asthma, and skin allergies.


Despite these concerns, many brands of sprinkles still contain these harmful additives. Sprinkled is NOT such a brand. Sprinkled sprinkles are free of any titanium dioxide or azo dyes, and only use natural ingredients like fruit juice and vegetable extract to color their sprinkles.



Next time you’re reaching for the sprinkles jar, make sure to check the ingredients list first! If you’re looking for a safe and healthy alternative to conventional sprinkles, be sure to check out Sprinkled!


For more information check:
2021 European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) study on the safety of Titanium Dioxide (E171).


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